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Award Home Inspections

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, Award Home Inspections will give you peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.

Serving you would be our privilege.

Home Inspections

We inspect a home from top to bottom, making sure everything works.

New Construction

Even new homes have flaws. We verify a home was put together the right way.

Radon Measurements

A potentially dangerous gas found in many homes. We know how to properly test for safe levels.


New Construction Warranty Inspections

We inspect your newly built home from top to bottom, making sure eveything function properly before your warranty expires.


Commercial Inspections

Every commercial building is different.  We provide the due diligence necessary when buying or leasing a commercial building.


Commercial Inspections

Every commercial building is different.  We provide the due diligence necessary when buying or leasing a commercial building.


Rental Property Inspections

An inspection is a vital part of maintaining a rental property after tenant turnover.

No Property Too Big Or Too Small

Buying property involves a certain amount of risk. Trust our team of licensed inspectors to help you reduce that risk. Our team scours a property, examining hot water heaters, roofs and electrical systems, anything a property needs to function. We leave nothing to chance.

Whether it is the smallest bungalow in Midlothian or the largest commercial building in downtown Richmond, our team takes the time necessary to inspect the property. When we are done, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to move forward. 

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Giving Peace of Mind for Over 10 Years

Hundreds of real estate agents and professionals trust Award Home Inspections for their inspection services. They know we provide the best home inspection service in the Richmond metro area. We bring comfort and security to you during your real estate transaction.

Client Testimonials

Great company and great people to work with! They can get a really thorough inspection done so efficiently, are always happy to answer client questions, take time to explain, take a second look if the client has a question, and even showed up with phone chargers and snacks (key to a decent time sitting in a vacant house.) They are my hands down go to inspectors now!


Joe and his team are hands down the best home inspectors out there. I have been working with Joe for many years. He is very detailed, meticulous and goes over everything…things you wouldn’t even think of! He is extremely knowledgeable about all the odds and ends of a home and is very thorough. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my home inspections – you should hire only the best!


Very thorough!  This crew finds everything and went over it all with us.  My wife and I had only seen the house briefly before our inspection so we had a lot of questions.  We had ideas for renovations and they walked us through some of those things as well.  They found some pretty important things in the crawlspace that the previous owner had to address for us which saved us a big chunk of change.


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