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Drone Usage

Employing the latest technology to perform unrivaled home inspections

A drone is an important tool for us. We began deploying a drone a few years ago and have used the craft on hundreds of home inspections. The drone lets us inspect areas of a home or building that are either inaccessible or unsafe to explore.


To inspect a steep-pitched roof or slate roof, we use the drone. As well, the drone allows for a thorough inspection where moss or other safety hazards exist on the roofline. The craft is lifted into the air, and a high-resolution camera provides detailed images. These images are then uploaded into the report to give exact clarification of the inspector’s findings. 

We also use the drone to inspect larger parcels like farms and commercial structures. We can fly along the property and identify areas that need to be addressed. The drone can explore fencing, drainage issues and dense vegetation.

In the 21st century standing on the ground with binoculars to examine a roof is no longer an acceptable inspection technique. Using the drone, we can investigate areas that others cannot, giving you peace of mind. 


What type of drone do we deploy?

DJI Phantom IV

Do you need a license to operate a drone?

No. The Federal Aviation Administration does not require us to have a commercial license because we are not selling the images for profit. We are using the drone as a tool.

Do you provide buyers with the images from the drone?

Yes, images are included in the inspection report. If we use the drone data to make an observation or recommendation, the photos are included. When given the opportunity to take an aerial photo of the property in its entirety, we enjoy gifting this to our client. 

Do you fly the drone in bad weather?

Yes. We will attempt to use the drone in most weather conditions. Unfortunately, should the weather conditions be too severe, limiting the functionality of drone, we will perform the required tasks with another method. 

Does the drone ever touch the property?

No. We fly the drone over and around a structure, but it will never land or touch a property. It will never make contact with the roof or other parts of the structure.

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